Mediation vs. court proceedings

Mediation is especially suitable in situations where it is important for you:

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types of disputes that can be resolved by mediation


People do not leave the field, people leave the conflict environment. Solve workplace relationships on time so that your great employees do not leave for your competition.

Resolve conflicts between colleagues, employees and managers, disputes between employers and former employees.


Unresolved conflicts reduce work efficiency, narušují vztahy a mají všeobecně negativní vliv na celou společnost a spolupráci s obchodními partnery.

Together we will resolve disputes in the following areas:
➡️ IT/IP
➡️ stavebnictví
➡️ conflicts in the management of the company
and more.


Good relationships in daily life are key to the well-being of the individual and the community as a whole. Resolve long-term misunderstandings just in time.

I will help you resolve neighborhood disputes. Disputes on university campus. Conflicts between roommates. Family disputes. Disputes arising from inheritance proceedings.

How can I help you with mediation?

Mediation // On-line mediation

I provide mediation as a registered mediator according to Act No. 202/2012 Coll., on mediation. 

I will help you clarify how to connect your requirements with the requirements of the other party and come up with a mutually beneficial solution to your situation.

You can always go to court. Why not try an amicable way first?

Preparation for mediation // On-line preparation

Did the court order you to go to the first meeting with a mediator or recommend mediation to you? Not sure what to expect from a mediator or your counterparty? 

Pomohu vám připravit se na mediaci, vypracuji s vámi a negotiation plan with you point out what to look out for.

Ing. Veronika Portešová

registered mediator

For me, a conflict means potential for growth. If each of the parties has a fundamentally different view of the situation that is causing the disputes, with the appropriate conduct of the conversation, which mediation allows, it is possible to find a common interest. It can serve as a springboard for change in the future functioning of the relationship.

In June 2019 I successfully passed the mediator's exam, since July 2019 I have been a registered mediator on the List of Mediators maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.


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