I have been interested in mediation for six years, ie. since 2014. In June 2019 I successfully passed the mediation exam, since July 2019 I a registered mediator on the List of Mediators maintained by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic.

I graduated from the University of Economics, majoring in International Relations and Diplomacy, and I am currently in the final phase of my studies at the Law Faculty, Charles University.

Within the association called Student Mediation Prague , I conducted so-called Mediation trainings for almost two years. I manage the website and social networks of the Mediace.cz project and I help with the organization of the second year of the conference Mediator of the Year CZ, Mediator of the Year SK

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My articles on mediation and mediators

Education in mediation


Mediation and other alternative methods of dispute resolution with Mgr. Robin Brzobohatý and JUDr. Tomáš Horáčkek, Ph.D.

Summer school of mediation with Mgr. Robin Brzobohatý, PhDr. Lenka Poláková and JUDr. Tomáš Horáčkek, Ph.D.

Summer school of commercial mediation with JUDr. Martin Svatoš, Ph.D.

Mediation as International Disputes Resolution


Theory and practice of conflict resolution with Ing. Aleš Lisa, Ph.D.

Contemporary International Negotiation Practice with Ida Manton

International Negotiation Strategies: Techniques and Simulations with Irena Descubes

Conflict Management and Mediation with Stephan Proksch

Experience as a mediator


I work as a registered mediator


Web administration and running social networks for this project Mediace.cz

Writing articles about mediation (see Articles)

Activities within the association at the Faculty of Law of Charles University

Co-organizer of the Mediation Moot Court (April 2018)


Legal support for attorneys-at-law and mediators


13th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition - the role of legal representative, the negotiating team, Law Faculty, Charles University

CDRC Vienna | The IBA-VIAC Mediation and Negotiation Competition 2018 – mediator, mediation team, Law Faculty, Charles University


Prague Negotiation and Mediation Week 2018 with JUDr. Martin Svatoš, Ph.D., Andrija Erac and Pálem Belenyesi, Ph.D.

Accompanying difficult conversations at BrainPlay, training in transformative mediation with Mgr. Robin Brzobohatý and PhDr. Lenka Poláková

Preparation for the mediation exam with Mgr. Robin Brzobohatý and JUDr. Tomáš Horáčkek, Ph.D.