I provide mediation as a registered mediator according to Act No. 202/2012 Coll., on mediation. 

I will help you clarify how to connect your requirements with the requirements of the other party and come up with a mutually beneficial solution to your situation.

You can always go to court. Why not try an amicable way first?

Before starting mediation, a mediator discusses practical issues with the parties - when, where, for how long the mediation proceedings will last, the mediator's remuneration - and they conclude an agreement to mediate

This is followed by a mediation meeting led by the mediator. The mediator supports the parties in listening to each other and uses communication techniques to find their common interest. Then the mediator and the parties form a mediation agreement.

On average, the parties need 2-3 mediation meetings, each taking approx. 3 hours.

Cena služeb mediátora je určena hodinovou sazbou. Hodinová sazba je smluvní, pohybuje se od 1.850 Kč za jednu hodinu a jednu stranu. podle složitosti případu, počtu stran a jazyka, v němž mediace probíhá.

The first ordered meeting with the mediator is not a mediation. Its aim is to acquaint the parties to the dispute with mediation as an alternative way of resolving their situation. A mediator will introduce mediation to the parties, explain them the principles of mediation and his or hers role in mediation. If the parties agree that they want to resolve their situation through mediation, they will sign an agreement to mediate.

The fee for the first meeting with the mediator ordered by the court is CZK 400 for each hour started, the remuneration is determined by § 15 of Decree No. 277/2012 Coll.

Pokud strany mediace uzavřou mediační dohodu, která je následně schválena soudem jako smír, lze získat zpět 80 % soudního poplatku dle § 10 odst. 7 zákona č. 549/1991 Sb., o soudních poplatcích.


Did the court order you the first meeting with a mediator or recommend mediation to you? Have you been looking for information about mediation, but still cannot imagine how the mediation process will look like?

I will explain to you what mediation will look like, what things you should pay attention to in mediation, I will give you tips on what to put in the agreement to mediate and the mediation agreement, and I will create a negotiation plan with you.